Plus Palace General Contracting LLC, located in Dubai (UAE) specialized in the full scope of turnkey projects, fit-out and furnishing of luxury villas, restaurants, apartments, offices and other fine private and public facilities in all Emirates, in need of a QA/QC Engineer candidate responsible for ensuring the quality of products and services produced by the company.


QA/QC will report to the Operation Manager


To ensure the quality of products and services produced by the company; being involved in every stage of the construction from pre-contract to handing over in order to meet the project requirements. To prepare a method of statement that describe the safety precautions to put in place to control risks identified in the risk assessment


  • QA/QC Engineer is responsible to make sure that company product meets quality & manufacturing standards. He is a process-oriented and focuses on defect prevention and product-oriented focusing on defect identification.
  • Engineer must make sure that the company product complies with the market industry standards set by state & law as well as the standards of the company itself. In terms of quality assurance, it is essential to submit a method of statement, work procedures, checklists, inspection and test plan, project quality plan to assure that quality meets the project requirements.
  • The Engineer coordinate with other Engineering Teams to identify potential errors in the construction process or standard & design improvements that create inefficient and ineffective production line.
  • Responsible for QA/QC documents of the Complete Project, including certificates, calibration, test results, inspection requests, non-compliance reports and site instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered.
  • Engineer has to make sure that the process of materials and Machinery used on site are safe for the employees.
  • QA/QC Engineer observe site production and ensure materials are in compliance with Project Specifications.
  • Develop and determine all standards to perform inspections and test on all procedures, oversee all testing methods, and maintain high-quality standards for all processes. The goal is to fulfill a quality management focused on implementing (ISO 9001).


  • Master’s degree specializing in Construction (Architect, Civil Engineer).
  • Site inspection skills: to improve the safety of work sites, identifying and assess the hazards and risks involved in the project and suggest control measures. Make sure to implement the method statement to make sure control measures mitigate risks and protect workers, site visitors and members of the public from harm.
  • Communications skills by being able to write detailed reports, ideas and concepts expressed in ways that are easy for everyone to understand. Must be good listeners in order to understand any concerns or problems other team members may have.
  • Engineer must be able to coordinate production schedules, inspections, vital to having a project that flows and avoids major problems or delays.


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